About Me


Hello and welcome to my blog!  🙂

I am Akshati and I am a design (visual communication) student. Currently, I live in Sydney, Australia but I am from India. I love the fact that I am a creative person. I see and approach things / situations from a unique and a creative perspective.

I love to draw, paint, read, collect, dance, photograph, cook, eat chocolates, watch movies, listen to music, and travel. And the recent thing in my love list is typography. Yes, I love typefaces and I am always hungry to learn about fonts. Whenever I read a word or sentences, I always try to figure out the font or the classification. I find type sexy, like Erik spiekermann has said,

” I’m obviously a typeomaniac, which is an incurable if not mortal disease. I can’t explain it. I just love, I just like looking at type. I just get a total kick out of it: they are my friends. Other people look at bottles of wine or whatever, or, you know, girls’ bottoms. I get kicks out of looking at type. It’s a little worrying, I admit, but it’s a very nerdish thing to do. “

😛 😀 😉



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